b20vtec is good!! I was not a firm believer in the B series motor because I have just put the new engine in the hole and this is me running the motor in. The motor broke last year I would say after the first race due to heating issues. But it still lasted the season, though it never felt like this.

The little civic with its NA power went through the whole pack, even though many of the other racers were turbo charged engines or had bigger CC than this little old B series 2.0

However it was not a smooth day, as their ran into turning problems, well that and cooling issues, this time the car wouldn’t get up to temp, so Tony put a large piece of cardboard Infront of the radiator, blocking half of it off. The car just wouldn’t turn right, he felt it was the left side but couldn’t find any issues once the car was elevated. So their did find a tie rod to be loose thinking that was the problem, but it was proven not to be.

The problem was the camber plate bolts that vibrated loose over time, and Tony being Tony, he don’t do bolt checks often, well actually he never does…

At the end of the day the car was right and Tony was pissed off, and he drove like that and it seemed to work in his favour somehow and he is super grateful and happy for the result.

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