Known as the Acura RSX Type-S in America and the Honda DC5 Type-R in the rest of the world.

Type R has something more powerful than horsepower, its called HERITAGE. The R badge might not mean much to many out there, but those who know, will know! The R bloodline started way back when in 1991/92 when Honda debuted the NSX to the public. Now before I tell you more on the Type R, one thing you must know before anything else is that if it weren’t for the Honda city, yes the Honda city. Before a bunch of engineers chopped one in half and put a engine behind the drivers seat powering the rear wheels and this was used to do laps around the company.

They loved it, they then got designer Pininfarina in to come up with the HP-X concept (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental) with a 2 liter v6 rear mounted setup.

Honda then committed to a new sports car and told the public it will as fast and desirable as anything to come out of Italy or Germany. Thats where they came up with the prototype for the NS-X (New Sportscar eXperiemental)

And from there with the help of the legend himself, Mr Ayrton Senna the 1991 NSX-R was born.

As I was saying earlier, the R bloodline runs deep from the NSX-R down to this DC5R and it can be felt when driving, it has a presence about itself and it can be felt from in the car as a passenger/driver but don’t be fooled it is also very much felt from outside the car as a bystander, esp with the NOISE from the ITB’s.

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