A plenum spacer is a modification that increases the volume of the plenum, the chamber that distributes air to the engine cylinders. This modification is aimed at improving the engine’s airflow and potentially increasing power output.

By increasing the volume of the plenum, a spacer can help smooth out airflow and reduce turbulence, potentially leading to improved cylinder filling and increased power. The spacer can optimize the air-fuel mixture and enhance combustion efficiency, resulting in potential performance gains.

When it comes to the #350z, installing a plenum spacer can lead to noticeable gains in power, particularly at higher RPMs. The increased plenum volume can enhance mid-range and top-end power, providing a more responsive and potent driving experience.

Many #350z enthusiasts have reported tangible improvements in power and throttle response after installing a plenum spacer. The modification can complement other performance upgrades and provide a noticeable difference in overall driving dynamics.

In conclusion, installing a plenum spacer on the #350z can indeed make a noticeable difference in power, especially in the higher rev range. This modification is a popular choice among #350z owners looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance and driving experience.

So, if you’re looking to give your #350z a performance boost, considering a plenum spacer installation might just be the way to go.

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