A Swatch Nines week of non-stop ski and snowboard action at Schilthorn, Switzerland has concluded with three new snow sports world records as Valentino Guseli, Kim Gubser, and Brooke D’Hondt soared to new heights in great conditions.

Valentino Guseli Photo By HenriekeIbing

Founded in 2008: Swatch Nines was founded as a friendly antagonist to traditional contests by providing unique playgrounds for action sports athletes to progress their skills as safely as possible in a non-competitive setting.

Valentino Guseli

Emphasis on Progression: The event allows athletes to push their limits and express their creativity in a safe environment, free from the pressures of competition.

Brooke Dhondt Photo By Klaus Polzer

Record-Breaking Achievements: On a “Perfect Hip” built on the Swiss summit, riders soared to new heights, breaking world records.

Gubser’s Record: Kim Gubser (SUI, SKI) hit a high of 14.6 meters (47.9 feet), breaking the previous record set by David Wise in 2016.

“I found my limit. The Swatch Nines are always very special because you never see features like this in regular snowparks or during World Cups. Everything is way bigger and looks very aesthetic.”

Quote from Gubser:

Guseli’s Achievement: Valentino Guseli (AUS, SNB) flew to a height of 11.5 meters (37.7 feet), setting a new record in snowboarding.

“I’d say it’s the biggest hip I ever hit. And the thing that’s gnarly about it is, when you first hit it, you already have to go big.”

Quote from Guseli:

D’Hondt’s Record: Brooke D’Hondt (CAN, SNB) established the first official record for the highest women’s snowboarding hip air at 7.3 meters (23.9 feet).

“It definitely does not get easier standing up there. Especially the first one of the day, it’s just as scary as the first time ever hitting it. But the feeling of stomping it, nothing beats it.”

Quote from D’Hondt:

Athlete Expression: Founder Nico Zacek aims to provide a platform for athletes to express their creativity and push their limits in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Kim Gubser Photo By Theo Acworth

Record-Breaking Success: The new world records achieved at Swatch Nines showcase the success of this approach.

“I can’t believe what the athletes were able to achieve on this setup. It’s the most gratifying thing to see something that you’ve been planning for so long finally come to fruition and exceed all your expectations.”

Quote from Zacek:

The world records set at Swatch Nines highlight the dedication, skill, and fearlessness of athletes like Kim Gubser, Valentino Guseli, and Brooke D’Hondt. These achievements not only push the boundaries of snow sports but also inspire the next generation of riders to aim higher and go bigger. Stay tuned for more highlights from Swatch Nines and witness the incredible feats of these talented athletes!

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