Vic Pardal gets behind the wheel with Bokkie, a legendary figure in the South African spinning scene, for an episode of Spin Sessions. Buckle up for a smoke-filled tour of Bokkie‘s world, filled with roaring engines, revved-up memories, and a deep passion for all things spinning.

Bokkie‘s love affair with spinning began 18 years ago on the streets of Rea Park. Eschewing crowds and pavements, he found his rhythm in the freedom of a well-timed spin. This passion grew into a successful workshop where Bokkie builds and repairs spinning machines, with a soft spot for BMWs.

The conversation shifts to the heart of a spin car: the engine. Bokkie is a firm believer in the reliability of Multiply valve engines, praising their readily available parts. He also dives into the world of engine modifications, discussing the pros and cons of Ethanol use and Stroker Engines, a must-know for any aspiring spin champion.

Bokkie‘s eyes light up as he reminisces about spinning at the Easter Weekend in Kimberly. Fond memories of the friendly crowds and the relaxed atmosphere paint a picture of a community brought together by a shared love for spinning. He’s also thrilled about the return of Bad Company Skopas to the scene, a sign of the sport’s continued vibrancy.

The discussion broadens as Bokkie shares his experiences spinning in Zambia. The diverse car culture shines through, with Bokkie highlighting the unique vehicles used for spinning in Zambia.

But for Bokkie, spinning is more than competition. He emphasizes the importance of entertainment, a philosophy reflected in his recent addition of stuntmen to his team, taking the showmanship to the next level.

Spinning’s roots run deep for Bokkie. It’s more than a hobby; it’s a tradition passed down from his youth in Rea Park. And with his dedication to innovation, community, and pure entertainment, Bokkie is sure to keep the wheels of spinning turning for years to come.

Kurhula David Ngobeni

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Kurhula David Ngobeni

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