Jason Webb‘s latest video documents the thrilling process of prepping his drift car for its first test session in Canada. After his big move from South Africa, Jason dives into the details of modifying and testing his car.

Prepping the Drift Car

Wheel Respray and Gearbox Adjustments

Jason begins by deciding to respray his wheels in a copper metallic color, which he believes will complement the black color of the car. Although he plans to change the car’s color eventually, time constraints mean this won’t happen before the first event.

He also needs to replace some gearbox bolts and remove old stickers. A new supercharger water pump is on the way to replace the old, leaking one. Jason appreciates the availability and reasonable prices of car parts in Canada compared to South Africa.

Painting the Wheels

Despite a minor setback with the weather, Jason manages to respray the wheels. He tests both white and copper colors to see how they look against the black car. After a long night of sanding, the wheels are ready for their new color. The copper metallic paint gives the wheels a stunning, glittery finish.

Replacing the Supercharger Water Pump

The new water pump, which Jason managed to find at a reasonable price in Canada, is a Bosch model. He installs it with ease, noting the similarities to the old one. With the new pump in place, the car is mechanically ready for the test session.

Test Session at Edmonton

Arrival and Preparation

Jason heads to Edmonton for the test session, making a quick stop at Tripe’s Motorsports to pick up some E85 fuel. At the track, he installs a HANS device for neck protection, a necessary safety measure for high-speed drifting.

Hitting the Track

With the car prepped and ready, Jason embarks on his first laps. The car performs flawlessly, and Jason enjoys the experience of drifting on Canadian soil for the first time. He tests the car’s performance with both the white and copper-painted wheels, noting how great the car looks and feels.

Reflecting on the Experience

Jason is thrilled with the car’s performance and the support he has received in Canada. He enjoys the camaraderie at the track and looks forward to future events. The test session makes him even more excited for the upcoming drift event in Mission Raceway.

Jason’s enthusiasm is palpable as he wraps up the video, expressing his excitement for the future of his drifting career in Canada.

Jason Webb‘s journey from South Africa to Canada has been an exciting one, filled with challenges and triumphs. His dedication to his craft and passion for drifting shine through in every step of the process. The video is a testament to his commitment and love for the sport, promising even more thrilling content in the future.

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