The third and final day of X Games Ventura 2024 concluded with history made with gold medals and never-been-done-before tricks. All eyes set on Nyjah Huston who earned his 15th gold to tie Shaun White’s and Garrett Reynold’s records, 14-year-old Arisa Trew becoming the first to capture back-to-back double golds in Park and Vert and Kevin Peraza becoming the first BMX athlete to win three medals in two consecutive years.

Skateboard Park on the SONIC Park Course

The world’s biggest stage featured a field of eight finalists, all under 18 years old. Among them was defending champion, 14-year-old Arisa Trew, aiming to uphold her title after a perfect rookie year last year where she clinched two gold medals in park and vert disciplines. A. Trew impressed from the start, unleashing a series of intricate combos highlighted by new tricks including a backside air on the extension, McTwist, and backside Smith, nosegrind to fakie, showcasing her creativity to surprise the judges. After a dominant first run, A. Trew outperformed the rest of the field with a commanding 11-point lead and maintained her edge throughout, displaying a relentless drive to push the progression of what was possible. Even in her victory lap, she continued to challenge herself, highlighting her commitment to progression in her sport.

“Second run started good and I am very happy! X Games is the funnest event ever. Before I skate, I usually just think about my run and I memorize it and I just talk with my coach and all my friends and just feel good.”

said A. Trew

Heading into her last run, 15-year-old X Games rookie Ruby Trew surged from eighth place with a flawless run that highlighted her talent in the park, earning her the bronze medal, her second of the weekend. Japan‘s Hinano Kusaki secured the silver.

Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick on the SONIC Park Course

For the second year in a row, Kevin Peraza earned three BMX medals at a single X Games event with his final medal a gold in Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick competition. Becoming the first athlete to earn three BMX medals at consecutive events, Peraza landed a flair tailwhip over the box jump in his third try that earned the golden pedal.

“Everyone is incredibly talented out here. Everyone deserves the same love and respect for what went down here today. I can’t believe it honestly – another X Games, the crowd, the energy, everything. Also, Pat Casey forever. He would have done that run too so I had to do it for him too”.

said Peraza
Kevin Peraza during Men’s Park Best Trick at 2024 X Games Ventura at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, CA. Photo By Chris Tedesco for X Games

“Perseverance and failing and failing at the beginning, you know, and keep getting up and continue doing this, that’s why we ride BMX. Taking the first place and being able to take the victory lap is so special.”

Peraza said

Mike Varga’s 900 tailwhip and Daniel Sandoval’s flair tailwhip catch tailwhip earned them silver and bronze.

Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street Final

In his 24th X Games appearance, Nyjah Huston again reigned supreme in skateboard street after he won his second gold this weekend, 23rd overall X Games medal and 15th gold medal to tie Shaun White in today’s Skateboard Street Final. With his win in Saturday’s Street Best Trick event, Huston earned his first on-site gold medal since X Games Minneapolis 2019 and has officially surpassed Bob Burnquist’s record for the most Skateboard golds at X Games.

“I started at 11 years old and we are not done. I still have a lot of good years left of skating. A shout out to all the fans in Ventura. Great vibes on the course and with the fans. It’s just a great contest. I love X Games because it’s the OG skate event. Gnarliest ripping going on. It’s the best”

One of the favorites heading into skateboard street this weekend was last year’s Best Trick silver medalist Braden Hoban as well as Gustavo Ribiero who both put down clean and difficult runs earning them the silver and bronze medalist respectively. Ribiero is the first athlete from Portugal to earn an X Games medal.

Pacifico Women’s Skateboard Vert

Arisa Trew, the reigning gold medalist in Women’s Vert and Park, achieved a remarkable feat by securing consecutive double gold medals at the age of 14 in Women’s Vert and Park. Following her triumphant performance in Park earlier in the day, Trew prepared for another dominant showing in Vert, surpassing her high score in Run 2 with ease and adding a touch of effortless finesse to her technical maneuvers. Notably, Trew holds the distinction of being the first woman to land a 900, although her mastery was evident throughout the competition, demonstrating her unparalleled dominance.

“ I feel really good about this whole weekend. This competition was so much fun. I’m so happy to have landed my kickflip indy!”.

said Trew

After exchanging second and third spots multiple times, the podium finished with Mizuho Hasegawa and
Asahi Kaihara rounding out the podium, after Hasegawa went sky high on her last run to answer back to
Kaihara to reclaim her second position.

Samsung Galaxy Moto X QuarterPipe High Air

It was a showdown between the two favorites for this event – Australian competitor Corey Creed and USA’s four-time X Games gold medalist Colby Raha, both who are owners of X Games gold medals in the discipline.

Colby Raha during Moto X QuarterPipe High Air at 2024 X Games Ventura at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, CA. Photo By Chris Tedesco for X Games

Raha won at X Games last year with a 56’3” jump and is a four-time MTX QuarterPipe High Air champ, with
three of the golds earned in the last three years. However, Creed edged out Raha by two feet at 53 feet and
seven inches, and now both rivals own four X Games gold medals a piece.

“We’re going to go right back home and reinvent the wheel and go even higher. Ventura is sick. I love it here – let’s stay here for a while!”

said Creed

Cinnamon Toast Crunch BMX Dirt Best Trick

In the final event of X Games Ventura 2024, multiple athletes attempted to pull off never-been-done tricks. Ryan Williams became a 10-time X Games medalist after landing an unprecedented world’s first 360 double backflip with a stylish lookback, executing a flawless rotation in his initial attempt to defend his gold medal from last year. Even after the official clock expired, the competitors persisted, enjoying themselves and thrilling the crowd with their performances, prompting enthusiastic cheers from the spectators.

“I’ve been practicing that trick for three months straight so I could unleash it here. I was thinking I would do a warm-up but no warm up, let’s go first try!”.

said an elated Williams

After learning that the gold medal was his, Williams took the mic from the announcer to address the crowd with a surprise announcement.

“I went through so much last year. I lost so many good people and now, I am so happy to be bringing a life into this life – we are having a baby this December! Life is so precious. Tell all your friends and family that you love them. They mean so much to you. It might save their life. I’m so sorry to my fiancee for announcing it right here and now but I’m just loving life!”

Coming back from a crash earlier in the competition, Jaie Toohey staged a remarkable comeback in his final run to pull off a nothing frontflip to tailwhip under challenging wind conditions to secure a bronze medal – a significant achievement considering he was out of podium contention until that pivotal moment where he became the first to do that trick in X Games competition.

Ryan Williams during Men’s BMX Dirt Best Trick at 2024 X Games Ventura at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, CA. ©Chris Tedesco/X Games

Brady Baker won silver with a cashroll tailwhip to tuck no-hander.

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