Tristan starts the vlog with a lively atmosphere, mentioning Charlie’s enthusiasm for being on camera. The camaraderie between them is evident as they prepare for the race day.

Tristan jokes about the challenges of having two races in one day and how they plan to handle it.

Preparation and Warm-Up

The team discusses strategies and race tactics. Tristan humorously notes that Charlie might end up in front during the race.

They reflect on past races, specifically an incident at Hangtown, which adds a light-hearted touch to the conversation.

At Blaxhall – Round 3

Tristan expresses his fondness for the Blaxhall track, calling it his favorite in England and looking forward to the race despite the dry conditions.

The team makes final preparations, with Tristan feeling confident about his new techniques and strategies for qualifying.


Tristan qualifies P3 and considers it a personal win since he usually struggles with qualifying. He credits getting a tow from Conrad for his good performance.

He feels positive and plans to carry this momentum into the race.

Race Day Atmosphere

The team captures the lively atmosphere of race day, with fans and racers gearing up for the event.

Tristan and his team make their way to the starting line, filled with anticipation.

Race Highlights

The race commentary highlights Jeffrey Herlings leading on his Red Bull Factory KTM, with Tristan holding a strong position in third.

Despite the challenging track conditions, Tristan maintains a good pace and strategy.

Post-Race Reflections

Tristan is pleased with his performance, especially his good start, which is usually a weak point for him.

He discusses the track conditions and how his experience racing in America has helped him improve.

Challenges and Setbacks

The day had its challenges with some crashes and red flags causing disruptions. The first moto was canceled, and the second was red-flagged and subsequently canceled.

Despite these setbacks, Tristan remains positive about his overall performance and improvement in the championship standings.

Closing Thoughts

Tristan thanks his supporters and reflects on the day’s positives, such as moving up in the championship ladder.

He promises more exciting content in future videos and signs off with gratitude.

Tristan Purdon’s vlog gives a comprehensive look at his experience at the ACU British MX Championship RD 3 at Blaxhall. It captures the highs and lows of race day, the behind-the-scenes preparations, and the camaraderie among the team. Despite the challenges, Tristan’s positivity and determination shine through, making for an engaging and inspiring race day vlog.

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