“I’m Murray Laubser, I’m 28 years old, and I’m a professional BMX rider,”.

begins Murray Loubser, a name synonymous with technical mastery and creative flair in the BMX world

Last year at Simple Session 23, Murray secured second place in the qualifiers for a major final in Tallinn, Estonia, a testament to his remarkable skill and consistency.

“When we all arrived in Tallinn, I had the opportunity to ask the riders who was looking good in practice. Everyone was saying South Africa’s Murray Loubser as he was just dominating with tech consistency on the front and back wheel.”

One of MC’s of Simple Session event

One of the standout moments in Tallinn was watching Murray execute a flawless nose press across a long dry road, followed by a smooth barspin.

“It was amazing, just in terms of going to a different country and riding with riders that I’ve always looked up to. It was surreal,”.

Murray shares
Murray Loubser poses for a portrait during Red Bull Load Shredding in Cape Town, South Africa on August 7, 2023 Photo By Craig Kolesky for Red Bull Content Pool

“Coming fifth was cool. I didn’t really know what to expect; I just ride my bike and do the best I can. It was an achievement I was stoked on, and I’d like to do better in the future.”

Reflecting on his performance, Murray says,

Murray’s approach to training is notably unconventional.

“I don’t really train; I just ride my bike pretty much every single day. It’s a whole creative pursuit, working on different tricks all the time,”.

he explains

His training regime is fluid and intuitive, driven more by passion than a strict schedule.

Murray Loubser rides an abandoned pier in Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa on May 09, 2024 Photo By Tyrone Bradley for Red Bull Content Pool

A highlight of any competition for Murray is the camaraderie.

“Riding with all the dudes from all over the globe who share the same passion is amazing. The highlight is honestly just riding with everyone,”.

he says

Despite his impressive track record, Murray maintains a humble perspective.

“I’m doing two filming projects right before Simple Session, so I can’t really be training specifically for it. I’ll just take it as it comes,”.

he states

Looking forward to competing against friends like Boyd Hilder, and Felix at Simple Session, Murray emphasizes the fun aspect of these contests.

“It’s a bit competitive, but it’s just actually a good time. It’s pretty cool that you get to have fun like a normal session, but then it’s a contest at the same time.”

Murray highlights
Murray Loubser builds and rides a quarter pipe in a derelict swimming pool in Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa on May 16-18, 2024 Photo By Tyrone Bradley for Red Bull Content Pool

“Have fun. You don’t want to turn your passion into something that’s not fun. Ride every day, stay motivated, and push yourself.”

Offering advice to aspiring riders, Murray says,

Beyond competitions, Murray is excited about the Battle of Hastings in the UK, a team-based contest with a unique format.

“You ride together for a whole weekend on different disciplines, and it’s judged collectively. It’s a cool concept,”.

he explains

Murray sees his future increasingly intertwined with filming.

“This year’s been very busy on the filming front, and I honestly prefer it to contests. It’s more creative and less regimented, which I prefer,”.

he shares

A versatile rider, Murray spends most of his time in the streets but enjoys various terrains.

“I do ride dirt jumps and park, but I definitely spend the highest percentage of my time riding rails and street,”.

he says

Reflecting on his career, Murray expresses gratitude to those who support him.

“I just want to say thanks to everyone who believes in me and supports what I do. I appreciate you all greatly.”

Murray Loubser continues to inspire with his dedication to BMX, blending technical precision with creative expression, and always keeping the fun at the heart of his riding.

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