Reigning SuperMotocross World Champions Open Pro Motocross Championship in Dominant Fashion at Fox Raceway National. Jett Lawrence Continues Undefeated Streak in 450 Class, Haiden Deegan Asserts Himself Atop 250 Class

The 53rd season of the Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing, commenced in the motocross hub of Southern California under ideal weather conditions. Pala’s Fox Raceway hosted the season-opening Honda Fox Raceway National Presented by Fox Racing, where the reigning SuperMotocross World Champions delivered dominant performances in their respective divisions. In the 450 Class, Team Honda HRC’s Jett Lawrence extended his perfect streak with his 23rd and 24th consecutive moto wins, securing his seventh straight victory at Fox Raceway. In the 250 Class, Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Haiden Deegan thrilled the hometown crowd with a stellar 1-1 effort, showcasing his prowess to both come from behind and lead from the front.

450 Class

Moto 1:

The premier class opening moto saw the Lawrence brothers, Jett and Hunter, leading the pack on their Team Honda HRC machines. Jett secured the Holeshot, narrowly ahead of Hunter, with Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Aaron Plessinger close behind. Jett gradually pulled away, establishing a lead of over five seconds, leaving Hunter and Plessinger to battle for second. Hunter eventually overtook Plessinger, securing a Lawrence 1-2 finish, with Plessinger in third, followed by Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Chase Sexton and Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Justin Cooper.

Jett Lawrence remained unbeaten in 450 Class competition and is now 24-0 to begin his premier class career.
Photo By MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

Moto 2:

The final moto started with Hunter Lawrence grabbing the Holeshot, but Jett soon took the lead. A fierce sibling battle ensued, with Hunter briefly falling to third behind Phil Nicoletti. Hunter quickly regained second place, and the chase for the lead continued. Sexton then passed Hunter, challenging Jett for the top spot. Despite a strong effort, Sexton couldn’t overtake Jett, who secured another 1-1 sweep. Jett finished just ahead of Sexton, with Hunter in third.

Hunter Lawrence’s 450 Class debut resulted a second-place finish (2-3) behind his younger brother. Photo By MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

Overall Results:

Jett Lawrence achieved his 12th career overall win, moving to 24-0 in 450 Class competition, with Hunter Lawrence’s 2-3 performance securing second place overall. Chase Sexton’s 4-2 finishes earned him the third spot on the podium. Jett leads the championship with an eight-point advantage over Hunter, with Sexton ten points behind in third.

Chase Sexton was resilient en route to a third-place finish (4-2). Photo By MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.


“Mid-race [in Moto 2] I looked back and saw [Hunter] behind me, then I looked back again and it was Chase [Sexton]. I couldn’t let up at all. It was a great day and now I’m tied with James [Stewart] at 24-0 [in motos], which is pretty cool.”

Jett Lawrence:

“I knew the points situation [in Moto 2] and made a change [on the bike] that we’ll get better with. I just took what it gave me. I didn’t want to do anything silly. I’m stoked to put it on the box [in my first race].”

Hunter Lawrence:

“I went off the track at the top of the hill and thought the race was over. I picked the pace up and got close to Jett [Lawrence] on the final lap, but he picked it up [too] and that was it. We got off to a good start and will look to build on this next weekend.”

Chase Sexton:

450 Class Results

  1. Jett Lawrence (Australia) – 1-1
  2. Hunter Lawrence (Australia) – 2-3
  3. Chase Sexton (USA) – 4-2
  4. Dylan Ferrandis (France) – 7-5
  5. Justin Barcia (USA) – 6-6
  6. Jason Anderson (USA) – 10-4
  7. Justin Cooper (USA) – 5-8
  8. Aaron Plessinger (USA) – 3-12
  9. Malcolm Stewart (USA) – 8-7
  10. Phil Nicoletti (USA) – 9-9

450 Class Standings

  1. Jett Lawrence (Australia) – 50 points
  2. Hunter Lawrence (Australia) – 42 points
  3. Chase Sexton (USA) – 40 points
  4. Justin Barcia (USA) – 32 points
  5. Dylan Ferrandis (France) – 32 points
  6. Justin Cooper (USA) – 31 points
  7. Jason Anderson (USA) – 30 points
  8. Aaron Plessinger (USA) – 30 points
  9. Malcolm Stewart (USA) – 29 points
  10. Phil Nicoletti (USA) – 26 points

250 Class

Moto 1:

Tom Vialle of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing grabbed the Holeshot, followed closely by Levi Kitchen of Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki. Kitchen took the lead early, with Haiden Deegan moving into second. Deegan gradually closed the gap on Kitchen and took the lead after an off-track excursion by Kitchen. Deegan secured the win, with Kitchen in second and Vialle in third (later relegated to fourth due to a track cut, promoting Chance Hymas to third).

Moto 2:

Deegan led from the start, with Kitchen again in pursuit. The pair pulled away from the field, while a battle for third ensued among Jalek Swoll, Tom Vialle, and Chance Hymas. Deegan maintained his lead to secure another win, with Kitchen second and Vialle third.

Levi Kitchen battled up front all afternoon with 2-2 motos and a runner-up effort. Photo By MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.

Overall Results:

Deegan’s 1-1 sweep earned him the overall win, with Kitchen’s consistent 2-2 finishes placing him second. Vialle’s 4-3 effort secured third, edging out Hymas via the second moto tiebreaker. Deegan leads the championship by six points over Kitchen.

Frenchman Tom Vialle finished third overall with 4-3 moto finishes. Photo By MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.


“I’ve put in a lot of work [preparing for this championship]. I go out and grind. I put my heart into this sport and you guys saw that. Great job to Levi [Kitchen], he kept me honest the whole time and didn’t make it easy on me. I’m stoked to start the season with a win.”

Haiden Deegan:

“We [Deegan and I] know each other pretty well from years training together [at Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing]. I didn’t know if I could make a push at the end. As soon as I tried, he tried. I’m stoked to come out of here with a podium and start the season off this way.”

Levi Kitchen:

“The track was really hard to pass on and everyone was riding really well in the second moto. I just wanted to finish as good as I could in the second moto, so I’m happy with the result. I’m looking forward to next weekend [at Hangtown].”

Tom Vialle:

250 Class Results

  1. Haiden Deegan (USA) – 1-1
  2. Levi Kitchen (USA) – 2-2
  3. Tom Vialle (France) – 4-3
  4. Chance Hymas (USA) – 3-4
  5. Jalek Swoll (USA) – 6-5
  6. Jo Shimoda (Japan) – 8-6
  7. Nate Thrasher (USA) – 11-7
  8. Pierce Brown (USA) – 10-8
  9. Joey Savatgy (USA) – 5-13
  10. Ryder DiFrancesco (USA) – 9-12

250 Class Standings

  1. Haiden Deegan (USA) – 50 points
  2. Levi Kitchen (USA) – 44 points
  3. Chance Hymas (USA) – 38 points
  4. Tom Vialle (France) – 38 points
  5. Jalek Swoll (USA) – 33 points
  6. Jo Shimoda (Japan) – 30 points
  7. Joey Savatgy (USA) – 26 points
  8. Nate Thrasher (USA) – 26 points
  9. Pierce Brown (USA) – 26 points
  10. Ryder DiFrancesco (USA) – 23 points

The 2024 Pro Motocross Championship is off to an exhilarating start with impressive performances across both classes. The next round promises more thrilling action as the riders head to Hangtown.

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